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Karen Pike. Newborn, Family & Wedding Photography Melbourne

Hello. My name is Karen. I am the co-owner and photographer behind Vanilla Images.

I have worked as a Melbourne wedding and portrait photographer for over a
decade, and started Vanilla Images in the desire to create a more one on one photographic experience, where you get to work directly with your photographer every step of the way. I did this because I want your images to be not only beautiful and unique but also your experience to be easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

I have always been a bit of a “people watcher” and interested in the way that people interact, so it probably wouldn’t surprise you, that upon receiving my first camera for my 12th birthday, I started carrying it around with me everywhere and started documented the people that were most important to me – my family, my friends, and a ridiculous amount of photos of my pet cat!

I am happily married to the other half of Vanilla Images, Kris, and now take a ridiculous amount of images of him and my puppies Chloe and Henry.

I get to know you quite well during your photographic experience with Vanilla Images, so I thought that you might like to get to know me a little by showing you 5 images from my personal photo albums that have help shape my life story and journey as a photographer.


5 Images from my life story

1. My baby picture…. Well it actually isn’t me! It’s my sisters. As the youngest child there weren’t many pictures of me as a baby & child, so the whole time I was growing up I showed this image as being my baby photo. This image is one of the reasons that I consider photographing all of the stages of life so very important.

2. This image is the image that made me decide to learn more about photography. It was taken when I was around 15 years old. I took this image one summer afternoon and upon seeing it (it was on film so I had to wait!) fell in love with the idea that I could use my camera for more than capturing just the people that were in it. I could also capture a time and feeling. This image will always remind me of summer days, growing up in Perth.

3. This image was the image that made me decide to become a professional photographer. I was interested in photography but had been convinced not to pursue it as a career so went to Uni and studied degrees in Psychology, Marketing and Media. The media side of my degree took over and to finish off my studies I took a photography class. In this class I did my first dedicated portrait session. I realised how much I loved photographing people so, I went back and did what I should have done in the first place - studied photography!

4. My parents on their wedding day. Having beautiful photos to remind you of your personal love story is very important. It is only however really in the last few years that I have really started to understand how important having those memories to keep to pass on to future generations is. When your loved ones are no longer around, photos that form their life story become a very valuable family heirloom. This images is one of the reasons why I put so much time and energy into creating albums and prints that will last for a lifetime.

5. My most recent family portrait. I love this image because it contains the people that I love the most in the world. My husband Kris, and my two very beautiful furry babies Chloe & Henry (and yes, I know they a re dogs, but like most pet owners, I do consider them to be people!).

Want to know more about Karen? Call her directly on 0409 248 712 or enquire at

Kris Pike. Maker oF Cool Stuff

Meet Kris. You don’t always get to meet him, but he does a bunch of stuff behind the scenes.

He is pretty handy all round, but is a furniture maker and installer by trade.

Kris puts a lot of your products together, and hand makes the beautiful timber album boxes that your albums are delivered in.

He also is the one that installs your wall art. There is no one more careful and precise to hang artwork that you will keep for a lifetime!

Kris sees everything that we are working on at some point in the process, so be sure to say hello if you see him around the studio, as he usually feels like he knows you by seeing the artwork that is created from your life and love stories!

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