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100 Days Photoshoot // Baby Photographer Melbourne

A 100 Days Photoshoot, is a beautiful way to celebrate your new baby and is a fabulous choice of baby photography session if you have missed photographing the first two week newborn baby window.

This milestone session is not only a great option if you are doing a confinement, but also a great choice if you love the interaction and smiles of a baby slightly older than newborn. 

Babies at 100 days, are full of smiles, and wonderful facial expressions! They also have the cutest little rolls!! 

In a 100 days Photoshoot, we aim to do a mix of awake baby photos, and images of baby asleep. 

Each session is also of course a mix of images of baby by themselves and of the family all together. Babies at this age point need their Mummies and Daddies!!!  

Developmentally, most have learnt the milestone of lifting their head and torso up whilst in tummy time, and are just starting to discover their limbs. 

For more examples of Baby Photographer in Melbourne Vanilla Images click HERE:

100 Days Photoshoot by Baby Photographer Melbourne Vanilla Images

One of the things that I love about 100 Days Photoshoots, is that babies are still so very small, and can be placed in props top add variation to the session. 

I especially love a baby in a prop for sleepy photos! 

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