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Natural and heartfelt Maternity, Newborn and Family Portraits

Our families grow and change so very quickly, you can’t stop time or slow it down. But you can keep the memories alive forever, with a Vanilla Images portrait photography session, for your family. 

Capturing the emotional anticipation of parenthood, the pure and fleeting moments of a newborn and the golden milestones of childhood is truly priceless.

Creating heartfelt images that reflect your unique family story is what Vanilla Images’ photographer Karen Pike does best.

The desire to stop time, as you glimpse your child’s pure delight in life is something that never fades.

Karen will personally guide you through your photographic process so she captures those moments authentically, resulting in beautiful, natural images.

From your initial consultation right through to your personalised viewing session, Karen will ensure your memories are preserved your way.

There’s no cheesy poses or awkward moments here. Our portraits are unique pieces of art — created today, for your family of tomorrow.

"Our family photos are priceless to us and our 3 kids. They are absolutely breathtaking! You have captured each personality of our kids to a tee! Such treasured faces captured in print for generations to come."

Jodie McCormack

All the information you need to start your Vanilla Images portrait experience!

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Your photographic journey with us is outlined for you, so that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way. 

Your experience should not only be fun, but also easy and stress free! 

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All of our options are designed to not only look breathtakingly beautiful, but to last, so that you really can keep your memories alive forever! 

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The Vanilla Images Experience - See a Newborn Photography Session in action

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Why Choose Vanilla Images?

Mother and newborn baby, an example of newborn baby photoshoot

Because we believe....

That getting stunning, heartfelt images should be fun and easy.

That family photos are our legacy and you and your family are worth remembering.

That everyone should have at least one (and preferably many!) beautiful photo of their childhood that they can keep forever.

In simple and natural photography – as in all things in life, simple is usually best.

In the power of family connection.

That in light there is beauty.

That yawns and pouts are just as beautiful as smiles.

That mummy cuddles are magic.

That no-one is more fun than dad!

That childhood is a beautiful adventure.

That babies are pure perfection.

That fur babies are part of the family.

That kids are perfect, when they are just being themselves.

In capturing joy.

That laughter makes memories

In baby toes

… and chubby cheeks.


That every family is unique.


Chubby cheeked Newborn - Photography by Karen Pike

The Quality You Receive at Vanilla Images is Guaranteed!

All of the work that you see at Vanilla Images is created by the one photographer, Karen Pike.

This means that firstly, you are guaranteed work of the same quality and style in every session.

But secondly, working with your photographer the whole way through means they can get to know you and your family’s personal tastes. 

This results in quality artwork that is uniquely crafted to you, so that you will LOVE it forever. 

Cute little baby toes - Newborn Photography

Experience In Photography Really Matters.

Experience matters when working with people – especially children and babies. 

Your photographer Karen knows how to work with little and big people of all temprements.  

Which means you don’t need to worry about little (or big!) people being unpredictable on the day.

With 20 year experience photographing people, Karen captures just the right moments and expressions with ease. 

Creating heartfelt imagery that you will adore. 

Happy family having fun - an example of Family Photography

Vanilla Images has a fully equipped Newborn / Baby Studio

The Vanilla Images studio in Kew, Melbourne has all of the props, outfits, wraps and backdrops needed for your baby for your newborn photography or baby photography session.

A studio experience for your little one means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy, because everything is taken care of for you. 

Newborn Baby in Prop by Vanilla Images Photography

Australian Made Products

All of our Wall Art and Prints are manufactured in Australia.

By choosing a Vanilla Images session you are not only support the arts and a local small business,  you are also supporting Australian Manufacturing – because of you, jobs are being kept in Australia! 

Siblings with newborn - Melbourne Baby Photography


We are a full service studio, so can even have your Artwork professionally installed for you if you prefer not to do it. 

Our professional installer will make your Collections look magazine perfect in your home. 

We are here to make your life easier! 

Kids Photography - Melbourne Family Photography

At Vanilla Images we specialise in both Digital & Printed Products

Having images physically printed so that your memories don’t become lost and having photographs to pass on to your children (and your children’s children) is really what portrait photography is all about.

Our specialist range of archival Wall Art, Prints and Albums are designed to last for generations, so your most loved memories can live on and become your family legacy. 

How special is the thought of being able to show your grandchildren that their parent had their exact same dimples or curls or cute little nose!!! 

As the years go by, these pieces will not only become priceless to you, but also to your children and grandchildren.

While having physical prints is really important to future proofing your memories. We live in a digital world, and think digital is really important too. Even though it is not perminate, and won’t last the test of time, It is such a useful and fun way to experience photos in the now. 

So no matter how big or small your budget is, at all price points you receive a mix of both digital and printed products. 

We want you to have the ultimate portrait experience! 

Candid natural Maternity Photography by Vanilla Images

"Karen is a magician! Not only did she manage to put us completely at ease despite our extreme awkwardness, but the photos turned out so beautiful and natural looking! We can't wait to put them up around our home!".

Misty Farquar

Karen Pike, Vanilla Images Photography

Speak directly with your photographer at Vanilla Images -Karen.
It is the easiest way to start your portrait photography experience!

Your FREE (no obligation, no pressure) chat with Karen, is a fantastic way to find out what your very own session would look like, ensures we capture your genuine story, and is a great way to see if the studio is a good fit for you.

Our sessions aren’t full of gimmicks, just your family as it is naturally.

Your call includes, design advice and planning for your session. But It’s also a way for us to get to know a little bit about you and to answer any questions you might have.

And did we mention that it is 100% obligation-free?