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Beautiful & natural images capture a precious time.

Maternity, or pregnancy photography as it is also known, is a beautiful time to be photographed.

It tells the story of the love that you share with your partner and how that love is bringing new life into the world.

Not only is maternity photography a record of a momentous life event, it also gives you the opportunity to show your child at some point in the future the love that surrounded their creation.

Nothing fascinates children more, than how they came to be, and what life was like at the time their birth. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot with soon to be first time parents.

Pregnancy photography is not just about bare bellies!

Most people associate maternity photography with classic “bare belly” photos, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Everyone is different and you may not be that comfortable being semi-nude, or having your partner kissing your belly. So we work with you to ensure that you’re comfortable showing as much – or as little – of your body as you wish.

While we do pay attention to your belly, our maternity photo shoots are really more about the relationship that you have with your partner / other children and the love that is surrounding this new life that is entering the world.

Expecting mother with son - outdoor pregnancy photos

What to expect from your maternity photography session.

Your session is relaxed and natural, and  concentrates on documenting you and your family at the time of your pregnancy. Whether that family is just you and your partner or if it also includes other children.

Maternity photography sessions are held on-location at the location of your choice. It could be at a spot that is special to you, or a location that you like being in, such as the beach, the bush, an urban setting or in a public garden.

Your Melbourne Maternity Photographer Karen, will help you pick a spot that is perfect for you during your pre-session planning call. 

Light filled pregnancy photography

How long will my maternity photography take?

Your session will generally take about 1 hour and is usually timed to be in the early morning (45 minutes after sunrise) or late afternoon (1 – 2 hours before sunset) to use the best natural light.

Pregnancy photography is all about the love - pregnancy photography Melbourne by Vanilla Images

What is the best time in my pregnancy for photography?

Maternity photos are best taken when your belly is big, so usually taken at around 32 – 36 weeks.

Winter Maternity Photoshoot

What do I wear to my maternity session?

During your pre planning, your photographer Karen will not only work with you to choose the perfect location for your session, but will also discuss clothing with you.

We want your session to reflect your own personal style and taste, so it is up to you how tight or revealing your outfit is. 

Soon to be dad's hand on pregnant mother - example of Vanilla Images maternity photography session images

Pregnancy and newborn photography packages.

Outdoor Maternity photography sessions are booked as a stand alone session. But you can also book one of our newborn photography sessions to go along side it if you wish. 

If you are wanting to book a Maternity session as an “add on” to a newborn photography shoot (so that your images are more complimentary to each other in your home and can be displayed together in photo walls and albums), we also offer in-studio Maternity Photoshoots.

Combining your two sessions allows us to offer you a discounted package for your maternity photography.

Details of your maternity package as an “add on” to your newborn photography session can be found HERE. 

For pricing for stand alone sessions, please visit our Finished Products and Pricing Page. 

Pregnant woman by the beach - an example of Maternity Photography Melbourne

I really want to book a Maternity session, but can't come into the studio for newborn as I am doing a confinement.

No problems! Our Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots are stand alone sessions, so it is completely up to you if you book a baby session to go alone side it. 

If you are looking to combine your Maternity and Baby photography into the one package to get the best price. Our in-studio Maternity sessions are the best way to go, and can be added to an 8 week, 3 month or 100 day photo session as an alternative to a newborn photography session. Visit our Babies in Studio Page to view this type of session. 

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Investment - How much is maternity photography?

Payment to book

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In your in-studio viewing you purchase your prints / image collection.

All options are a mix of print & digital

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Prints start at $250, however most people purchase an image collection, which start at $990.

Our most popular options are around $1590.



Payment plans are available.

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