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2 month old Baby Photoshoot ideas.

A 2 month old Baby Photoshoot is a popular choice if you want more consistent eyes open photos of your Baby, as well as sleeping images. 

At this age point babies in general are more alert and have good eye contact. They respond to their parents’ voices and are starting to have longer content awake periods. 

If they have developed baby acne (don’t worry this is very common), they are often over the worst of it, which is usually at its most severe in-between weeks 3 – 6.  

While smiles, aren’t a regular developmental achievement at this age, you can still see the happiness in babies faces while they are engaged, and you do occasionally get some – which is magic! 

Most babies at this age point, have also gained a bit more head and neck stability, which leads additional choices for posing in your family photos. 

In a 2 month old Baby Photoshoot, we always do a mix of baby awake and baby sleeping images. 

Baby’s at this age point still need almost as much sleep as a newborn. They are still so very tiny and delicate. 

These images are definitely my favourite from a session. I love how peaceful a baby looks while they are asleep. Their little cherub faces are just divine.

I know with my own son; I could sit and watch him sleep for hours at this age point. He is 4 now and it still blows me away how gorgeous he is when he sleeps!! 

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