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3 month Baby Photoshoot ideas.

A 3 month Baby Photoshoot is a popular milestone session. Your baby at this age has just moved out of that fragile “fourth trimester” and their little personality is now starting to shine.

Little 3 months old’s have often just discovered their little hands. Which is particularly cute when they grab hold of Mummy or Daddy’s finger. They are also often starting to get the hang of lifting their head and shoulders during tummy time.

One of the reasons that this is such a popular milestone for parents to capture however, is because it is usually when babies are starting to regularly smile. 

This changes your whole world as a parent. You may think that it is impossible to love your baby any more than what you already do. But the moment you get those smiles and see the joy on your baby’s face when they look at you, your heart explodes. 

The studio, has a selection of props, for 3 month Baby Photoshoots. In your session we do a mix of baby in these, family photos, and images on sheep skins / rugs, so that we can explore and capture your baby’s Developmental milestones. 

If you would like more information on the Baby Photography sessions available in our Melbourne studio click HERE.

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