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Melbourne Beach Maternity Portraits

The cool blue and light tones of a beach session make beach Maternity Portraits a popular choice for our Melbourne Pregnancy Photoshoots.

The beaches in Melbourne’s Bay are quite diverse, with each having a different look and feel. Some have piers, some have lots of rocks, some even have bluestone walls. 

There are of course also the beach huts at Brighton too. The bright colours of these huts, create a great colour pop in a neutral room and also look fantastic in your nursery.

Embracing the weather for your Beach Maternity Portraits

One of the things that I love the most about beach maternity portraits is that it doesn’t what the weather is doing it all is beautiful.

On sunny days, you get beautiful golden light. Sunny cloudy days, you get amazing sunsets. Overcast days bring a gorgeous soft feel to your images, and if a storm is about to roll in even better!!! Dark clouds in the sky look amazing!!! 

Top tips for your Beach Maternity Portraits.

If you are thinking about Beach Maternity Portraits, some tips to help you with your planning are:

  • Remember to pack a brush and a hair tie of your hair is long. The beach is often really windy!
  • Avoid shoes with heels. You will be walking across sand and rocks! Flat shoes (or no shoes if you prefer) are much easier.
  • Definitely avoid wearing black it’s too dark and heavy for the beach and is very hard to see your baby bump while wearing. But do feel open to considering a mid to dark colour. It can look really amazing against the light backgrounds. Light colours of course also work too! 

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