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Three siblings at the beach - How to get the best family photos at the beach

How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

Are you thinking about going to the beach for your photoshoot and wondering how to prepare to get the best Family Photos at the beach?

Here are some tips and things to consider if the beach is your preferred choice for your Melbourne Family Photoshoot. 

Wind - How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

Melbourne beaches are particularly windy. I have photographed portraits in most states in Australia and give Melbourne the vote for the windiest beaches of them all! 

I personally don’t mind a wild and windswept look. But if it isn’t for you, you do need to consider what you will do with your hair. Will you tie it up? A headband? 

Whatever you choose and even if you do like a windswept look, bringing a hair brush is always a good idea.

Clothes - How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

It is hard not to think of a warm Summer’s day when thinking of the beach, and light-coloured summery looking clothes is a great way to go with your styling. But as sessions are timed for the ends of the day, even in summer this can still sometimes be as cold as 10 – 12 degrees. This is too cold for a spaghetti strapped sun dress on a 9 month old, or a t-shirt on a little toddling 2 year old! 

Parents can generally fake being happy if it’s cold. But do you really want to? Photos are meant to be fun, and being cold definitely isn’t fun. Kid’s however definitely can’t fake happiness when they are not comfortable. So even in the middle of summer, it is a good idea to plan your outfits with warmth in mind. 

Where is that sun! - How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

Outdoor Photography sessions are generally timed for the best light of the day. Which is either first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon. 

The light at this time of day is generally softer and more flattering. If the sun is out it is also at a really nice angle to create beautiful sun filled images. 

However where the sun is, is also an important factor for your beach session. 

If you are being photographed on a bright sunny day, you want that sun behind you and over the water. This is so you can have the water in the background and not be squinting while looking towards the camera. 

In Melbourne that means that with a lot of people’s favourite beaches, that your session needs to be in the afternoon. 

Depending on how old your children are, especially if they are under 3, late afternoon may not be the best choice for them to be smiling and happy. 

You know your family best and whether your children are happier in the morning or the evening. If you don’t think it is a great choice for now because your children are little – but it is a location that you love – remember that you can always choose it for the future! 

Let kids be kids! - How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

On a hot day it is impossible for kids not to want to get in the water. I personally love images of kids at play, so are never opposed to letting them get in if they want (towards the end of the shoot of course).  I think it makes for beautiful images! 

But it is a bit tricky, if they don’t have a spare change of clothes or a towel. 

I highly recommend bringing both of these things along for your beach session, regardless of what the temperature is!

Keep it simple - How to get the best Family Photos at the beach.

Most photo sessions, involve quite a bit of moving around. So, it is generally best to bring as little as possible out of the car and down onto the beach with you. 

A small bag with a brush and a snack (if your child is of that age) is all you really need. 

Family photography sessions don’t need props, multiple outfits, hats, sunglasses or elaborate picnic set ups. They are about you and your family, just being with each other. 

Keeping it simple is usually best! 

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