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Is there such a thing as fun family portraits?

The days of boring, stiff and dull family portrait are definitely over (or at least they should be!). It is time for fun family portraits!!!! 

In a Vanilla Images family portrait session, the aim is to capture your family authentically. 

This means that we let kids play, families enjoy each other, and embrace a whole lot of fun and laughter. 

The aim is to not just capture your beautiful faces (although that is important too!) but to show the connection, relationship and the personality of your family.

But what if I am camera shy? Will they still be fun family portraits?

I hear you. I would estimate that more than half the population doesn’t feels super comfortable in front of the camera. 

In all the years I have been photographing I have definitely heard it over and over. Especially from a lot of the Dad’s out there. 

This is one of the benefits of an outdoor photoshoot for your family session. They are very relaxed, and are a really good mix of candid moments in-between the ones that are more directed to the camera. Your session is really easy-going as the more relaxed you all are during your session, the more natural the photos feel.

Every single person that has expressed that they are not that fond of having their photo taken to me prior to their session, have said afterwards how easy and fun it actually was. 

It’s easy to have fun when you are just hanging out with your family!

My child is really shy / boisterous I haven't been able to get a fun family portrait of them - do you think you can?

This is something that I hear this from parents all the time and I love it when I do. It means that you are going to LOVE what I produce for you, because this is what professional photographer do. They capture the moments that you cannot.

All children are at different stages, and have unique personalities. Being able to work with that is exactly what photographers who specialise in families do.

I have had many shoots where I know parents have felt like one of their kids has clung to them of most of the session or that all we have done is chased around after their toddler for the morning. 

They are then so surprised to see how all of those moments translate to all of them having fun and connecting.

It really is such a contradiction that kids can make us so exhausted and crazy, but bring us so much happiness at exactly the same time! 

Family Photography sessions are a wonderful experience for the whole family no matter what age and stage your family is at. If you would like to find more details for them click HERE 

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Hi, I’m Karen, the photographer and owner of Vanilla Images.

Our 4-step Portrait Photography experience, makes getting beautiful, natural photos that will keep your memories alive, fun and easy – just the way photography should be!!!! 

Your family changes so quickly, so take your first step for your very own session today! 

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