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Garden Maternity Photos

Garden Maternity Photos are a popular choice in Melbourne due to the many beautiful gardens that we have available to us.

Outdoor garden Maternity photos are timed for the best light of the day. Which is first thing in the morning or late afternoon. 

When the sun is shinning during a garden session the morning / afternoon light filters in through the trees to give a soft and ethereal feel to your photos. Which is a nice contrast to the vibrant greens in the more shaded areas.

What to wear fro your Garden Maternity Photos

As gardens are filled with colour and texture it is usually best to keep your clothing choices for your session fairly simple and pattern free. 

There is a number of styling choices that work with the colours of Gardens. Both light and dark clothing do of course go with a garden background. 

However light colours are my preferred choice as they help to make you stand out from the background. Especially in amongst the green foliage. 

Garden Maternity Photos all year round.

Melbourne gardens look different year-round. 

In Spring they have lots of colour. The Autumn brings the beautiful changing leaves. Summer finds the colours still lush despite the heat as the gardens are watered and maintained. 

They are even a fabulous choice for a winter Maternity session with their deep rich colours and bare branched trees.

The natural backdrop of garden Maternity Photos look amazing on the walls in homes. It is a perfect way to bring the outside in.

Considering where the imagery that we create from your session will be placed in your home is a great way to decide what location or your maternity photoshoot is the best choice for you. 

Alternatives to the bright greens and colours of the gardens are the more muted colours in bush settings and the light pastels at the beach.

For more information on our Melbourne Maternity Photoshoots click HERE.

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