Pregnancy Photoshoot - In-studio

Session Information - Pregnancy Photoshoot In-studio

Why book an in-studio Pregnancy photoshoot?

In-studio pregnancy photoshoots are a beautiful way to tell the full story of your baby’s arrival. 

Shot in the same space as your newborn or small baby session, they seamlessly show the before and after of your child’s birth. 

Your pregnancy story can be styled to co-ordinate with your newborn images. Opening up the options of how you can have them displayed around your home. 

This makes them the perfect “add on” to any newborn, 8 week, 100 days or 3 month baby session. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot with soon to be first time parents.

Can I combine my maternity and newborn sessions?

Absolutely. Most people use our in-studio maternity sessions as an add on to a newborn or small baby session. 

They have a similar look and feel, so are very complimentary to each other. 

Your maternity session is able to be offered to you for a discount when you do this. 

View the options for this on our gift vouchers page

Expecting mother with son - outdoor pregnancy photos

Because it's in-studio does that mean that I need to show my belly?

Definitely not. Your session is photographed in the same natural and tasteful way to any of our other baby and family sessions. 

You can wear as tight and revealing or as flowing and covered clothes as you feel comfortable in. 

Light filled pregnancy photography

Can I show my belly if I want to?

Of course!! Pregnancy is a glorious time and your body is creating a miracle. If you are comfortable to show bare skin you are more than welcome to. 

If you would like to do this for just one or two images and the rest covered, that is completely ok too! 


How long is my session, and when is it best to book?

Your session will usually run for around 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Pregnancy sessions can be booked at anytime, but is usually best between 32 – 36 weeks. 

If you are past 36 weeks, still get in touch as we sometimes have short notice availability. 

In general booking in advance is highly recommended. 

Expecting mother with son - outdoor pregnancy photos

What do I wear to my pregnancy photoshoot?

Your session is photographed in the same beautiful and natural style that all Vanilla Images sessions are photographed, so we want you to look like you! 

We do have a small range of dresses that you are more than welcome to use during your session (and most people do, as we often do 2 – 3 looks), but find that it is best for you to select one outfit for yourself that you feel fits you well and you like the colour and cut of as your primary outfit, so that your images are a good representation of you. 

Your photographer Karen will discuss this with you during your session planning phone call. 

Light filled pregnancy photography

Is this session just for me or can my partner / kids come along?

All Vanilla Images sessions are family sessions. 

We believe that you can’t tell a child’s story without all of the people that are part of their everyday life. 

We want your kids and partner there, so have options later in the day and as often as we can after hours to make that happen. 

Being such a time sensitive session however, an in-studio maternity session is the one session that we are willing to do with Mum only as an “add on” to a newborn or baby session if that is the only option to record this amazing chapter in your life. 



Which sessions can I add an in-studio maternity session to? I can't come in for newborn as I am doing a confinement.

If you are unable to (or don’t want to) come into the studio for a newborn session a maternity session can also be added to an 8 week, 3 month or 100 days session. 

In-studio maternity session can also be booked as stand alone sessions. 

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