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Winter Maternity Photoshoot in Melbourne’s Gardens.

Gardens are the perfect location for Winter Maternity Photoshoots. The colours are vibrant and stark, making for beautiful imagery.

Early winter holds the last leaves of Autumn on the deciduous trees so the colours are quite varied. Once winter progresses and the branches become bare, they form beautiful shapes and mood to your images. 

particularly love these types of images in black and white.

The benefits of Winter Maternity Photoshoots.

There are a number of benefits that come with winter Maternity Photoshoots. The main ones are:

  • Typically, the gardens are quite empty at this time of year. So you generally have them mostly to yourself. You have your pick of all of the spots and have a great deal of privacy while we are shooting. So, it is very easy to relax and enjoy your time with your partner and celebrate your new baby that is soon to be here.
  • The light is spectacular in winter. It is soft and flattering and both the morning and afternoon sun shining through the trees is magic. It is quite unlike any other time of year.
  • Earlier session time – Outdoor portrait photography is timed for the extreme ends of the day for the best light. The shorter days of winter mean a much earlier start time than in the warmer months. This is a huge benefit to most soon to be Mummas, as being pregnant is hard work and makes you quite tired! It is also a benefit if you have other little ones. Children get tired towards the end of the day. The afternoon session in the summer months usually is too late for them, so most people with children do the morning. In the winter though it is quite early, so you can enjoy your morning sleep in and pick the afternoon if you like!

You will never regret throwing on a jacket or jumper and braving the cold for a Winter Maternity Photoshoot.

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