Photoshoots for Babies in studio -
Baby Photography in Melbourne

Portraits of your baby’s first year.

There are so many milestones in a baby’s first year. From their first smiles or cute giggles, to touching their toes or pushing up while on their tummy, and of course sitting and crawling.

We love capturing the moments with our special photoshoots for babies, right here in our Melbourne studio. There is never a bad time for baby photography!

What to expect from your baby photography session?

Baby Photography sessions include the whole family but focus on your baby and all of the clever things they can now do.

They are baby led and leave plenty of time for feeding and cuddles.


Is a studio session right for me or should I do an outdoor session?

Our studio sessions are the perfect choice if:

  • You missed the newborn window but want a baby focused family photography session to capture your baby while they are still tiny. 
  • You prefer the look and feel of a studio session.
  • It is winter, and you just don’t want to be outside.
  • You would prefer your session to be later in the day rather than timed for the early morning / late afternoon light of an outdoor session.

When to choose an outdoor session.

Once baby starts walking, an on location session is generally a better choice to get the best results from your little one, as it gives them more space to move and explore. View our family photography for this type of sessions. 

How long is a session?

Sessions are usually 1 – 2 hours in length, in our photography studio in Kew.

Sessions are timed for the morning, at a time, when your baby is usually awake and at their happiest.

Are weekend sessions available?

We totally understand that often both parents can’t make it into the studio during the week, so we have Saturday sessions available. 


Ready to book?

To book now, purchase a gift voucher. Once purchased your photographer Karen will contact you to complete your booking and design your session with you.

Need to chat before deciding?

Karen would love to chat to you to see if the studio is a good fit for you and to help design a session for you that you will love for a lifetime! 

The easiest way for you to do this is to book a design consultation. This is obligation free, so book now to have a chat! 


Have A Question?

Send Karen a message below or call her on 0409 248 712.